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Delivering long-term environmental, economic 
and social benefits with carbon offset planting.

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Carbon offset projects that yield quality carbon credits and make a real impact require a partner to help you plan, implement and maintain environmental outcomes.

Understanding the role diverse native vegetation plays in creating and maintaining biodiverse environments is crucial, as well as strategically managing a decarbonisation project so it benefits communities as well. 

Nativ Carbon is a dedicated carbon consultant committed to improving Western Australian environments with native seed collection and supply, and managing and implementing impactful carbon offset projects that benefit all.
Our capabilities

Nativ by numbers

Over 60 years’

Our team has over 60 years of experience in environmental management, biodiversity and native plant propagation.

Over 5000 ha 
of work

Nativ Carbon has successfully delivered carbon offset planting and reforestation projects across 5000 ha of land in Western Australia.

Over 3.9 million 
seedlings planted

We have planted over 3.9 million seedlings, all contributing to improving biodiversity and helping our clients implement decarbonisation strategies.

Our approach

A strategic decarbonisation partner

We take a strategic approach to carbon offset planting focusing on biodiversity, safety and community engagement. Developing long-term relationships with our clients ensures impactful projects and ongoing environmental, economic and social benefits.

Our services

Carbon consultants helping you decarbonise

Nativ Carbon consults, manages and implements reforestation projects while monitoring the impacts for accurate reporting. Our services include consulting, site preparation, native seed collection, and end-to-end reforestation project management.