carbon credits

Providing carbon offset consulting to deliver long-term environmental, social and economic impact.


Our strategic partnerships encompass carbon offset consulting, comprehensive project management, access to an extensive range of native seeds and seedlings, and meticulous monitoring for accurate reporting and continuous maintenance.

Nativ Carbon partners with businesses and advocates to reach environmental goals through carbon offset planting. Our primary role is to generate Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) through reforestation projects while promoting biodiversity in local environments.

We enable organisations to deliver on their environmental promises by not just planting native trees but fostering sustainable, biodiverse ecosystems that bring long-lasting benefits to the environment and our communities.

Our services

End-to-end carbon offset consulting and delivery

  • Step One
    Site preparation
    Complete site preparation, including soil profiling, weed control, and ground preparation.
  • Step Two
    Project Management
    Robust project management services encompassing all aspects of environmental planting projects.
  • Step Three
    Consulting and approvals
    Ensuring adequate planning, including gaining access approvals and species selection.
  • Step Four
    Collection and supply
    Native seed collection and supply, plant propagation and seedling supply, ensuring a diverse and viable seed bank for large-scale projects
  • Step Five
    Carbon offset planting
    End-to-end reforestation project management, from the initial seed collection to the final stages of planting and maintenance.
  • Step Six
    Monitoring & Maintenance
    Post-planting monitoring and maintenance, including weed control and plant health assessment.
Our approach

Generate carbon credits with a strategic partner

We take a strategic approach to carbon offset planting focusing on biodiversity, safety and community engagement. Developing long-term relationships with our clients ensures impactful projects that deliver high-quality carbon credits and ongoing environmental, economic and social benefits.

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